You are safe!

Privacy is the main part of our development. So as we start to develop this service, one of our main goals was keeping information in a safe area! Also, we want to clear up some uncertainties:
  • We are not working for military institutions and intelligence agencies
  • We won't give your information in any type of template to military institutions and intelligence agencies
  • We won't sell your information to marketing and advertising agencies
  • We won't let anyone access your raw data
  • As we use third-party service from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon; we try to give them the minimum required information
  • Our AI won't share information on the internet
If it is enough, calibrate your phone and give us location access to see how @NeuralionBot will help you everywhere!

Data collection structure

We are not trying to collect your data from everywhere you are! we are collecting them from everywhere you want. This means we have a basic structure to collect some information about you, your hobbies and interests; the collection structure has one of these 4 templates below:
  1. From third party activities or API requests
  2. From subscribing, disliking and blocking some inline contents
  3. From the information that given by yourself
  4. From your response & answers to some questions and surveys by Neuralion
  5. From collided core services that managing by Neuralion like eastCloud and Neuralion
  6. From the artificial intelligence processed data from Neura

Usage Templates & Financial Structure

Imagine someone who need to know some of user activities in a society for his/her research, how can he/she collect some reliable information from a fast survey without spending a lot of money? or imagine someone who is trying to grow his/her business on social media or even in our real world! what is the best way of advertising?
These two sentences, are the main financial structure and usage templates from your trust. We won`t sell someone`s information to someone else, we may sell a lot of processed values as a result without any detailed data about anyone. We are not trying to chanting slogans, all we do is exactly what you read!


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