Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neuralion?

Neuralion is an AI-based service on instant messaging applications that can give you some pre-released services to analyse the experience.

Will you save any information from us?

Yes, We save your first name, last name, username & user activities to use them in our responses, website and etc.

Who is Neura?

Neura is the name our robot! to use our services, you have to interact with her.

Will you save our activities?

Yes, All of your activities with our robots will be save with a strong hash to use as an activity history and data crawling

How can we find Neura?

You can find us on Telegram & Bale with a fully synced service.

Is Neura secure for search?

Of course! we are running some simple services for you beside some great upcoming secure features.

What is Neura`s privacy policy?

Customer rights are important for us. also you can read a complete article on privacy policy section.


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