This machine learning service is launched to bring AI into people`s lives. When you want to have a coffee or find the nearest restaurant, our AI service can help you to have a better and easier life.

Your phone will turn to a real #AI_in_life supported device which means you can use it from the Telegram, Facebook, Skype and everywhere. We Strongly suggest you to test our service and give us feedback about our service on the Neuralion Telegram bot. We also love to get to know customers and let them send us ideas based on their usage, so if you want, you can contact us through as a user!


Search Entire Web

This bot can search entire web by getting your requests

Find Nearest Location

We are using the Foursquare API to produce the best results

Downloader Service

This bot can make available anything like Videos, Audios and etc on telegram
Reminders with Neoralion

Set Reminders

You can set a reminder on this bot on telegram, that`s available everywhere
Learning of Neoralion

Machine Learning Services

This bot using deep learning APIs that has shared information everywhere for a wide range of use
Security of Neoralion


Until this service is running on telegram, we are guaranteed the security of the system

Future Products


Neural Network

This is our best service and let you choose between a wide range of detection services

Plants Caring

A wide range of services like giving water and showing information of status

Home Security

As the upper service we can give you a tiny security system for your home


Milad Xandi

All of these service is developed by Milad Xandi with PHP language and the Simplist framework as a neural network to make some great products available.

Member since October 2018


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